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Download the latest version of Nova today to start Erlang web-development today! Read more about what is new in version v0.5.0 in the changelogs

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Welcome to Nova

Nova makes it simple to build a fault-tolerant and distributed web application. It takes ideas from different web frameworks and implements them with the functionality and stability that Erlang and BEAM offer.

  • Erlang/OTP
    Runs on a well tested Erlang VM (BEAM) that has been proven up to five nines availability.
  • Django Templates
    Powerful views that utilizes django templates.
  • Open-source
    We encourage people to get involved and contribute to the project, and build web applications with this framework.
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Nova is really easy to understand and you will have a web application up and running within 15-minutes. Just follow our guide.

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Jan 28

Nova is presenting at Code Sync STO

Daniel and Niclas is presenting Nova at the Code Sync Stockholm in May. The Code Sync STO is starting the 28th of May 2020 and will continue to the next day. We ar...

Jan 25

Nova_blog 0.1.4 released

We have released a new version of nova_blog. It contains grammar and typo fixes. Big thanks to szTheory for contributing!

Jan 05

Nova_blog version 0.1.3 out

Once again we've updated the nova_blog with some goodies. We gave up on mnesia and replaced it with postgres, using epgsql ( and rew...


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Nova framework is an open source project. Fork us and contribute today! For support you can find us in the #nova Slack channel, or on Twitter.